“Getar: Memory of a River” book presentation

A few days ago the presentation of the “Getar: Memory of a River” took place. The event was an opportunity for us to present the outcome of our multidisciplinary and comprehensive research project and once again hold a discussion about the memory of Getar—the river.

Tigran Amiryan, the editor-in-chief of the book, opened the event with a speech, discussing the project's origins, the importance of the topic, and the book's extensive and interdisciplinary nature. It was followed by a panel discussion with the participation of the authors of the book.  Architect Harutyun Tumaghyan addressed the urban features of Getar in Yerevan, as well as elaborated on mapping and visualisation of the river which were an integral part of the project. Ecojournalist Mari Chakryan discussed the ecological significance of the Getar river, addressing concerns about pollution and neglect. She also emphasised the river's potential as a recreational zone and public space within the urban environment. Writer Aram Pachyan reflected on the cultural role of Getar and read his experimental piece “Getaromancy” featured in the book. Hovhannes Galstyan, literary translator and editor of the book, shared insights about the process of creating the book and discussed the concept of "hydropoetics" concerning the Getar river and rivers in general.

After the panel discussion, an interactive Q&A session ensued, where the event's attendees had the opportunity to inquire about various aspects while also sharing their personal memories and emotional experiences associated with the Getar river.

We express our gratitude to everyone who came to our event as well as our partners from AGBU for graciously hosting our event.

“Getar:Memory of a River” project was implemented by the Cultural and Social Narratives Laboratory NGO within the framework of the "Civil Society Support for Ensuring Impact on Reforms" project.