The Name of a Place

"The Name of a Place" is a podcast that encapsulates the experiences of women who have undergone displacement and settled in Armenia due to wars and conflicts. Each episode delves into a unique case of the migration/forced displacement dynamics within Armenia and the region.

The podcast delves beyond the physical and geographical aspects of displacement, exploring the emotional aspects that often go unacknowledged by women who have survived such traumatic experiences. It provides a space for these women to gain a space to comprehend and reflect upon their painful experience. Each episode bears the name of the place where these women left their past and lost their home, both in a narrow and comprehensive sense. Many of them now have no other way to return but through mental maps based on their own memories.

“The Name of a Place" podcast was implemented by the “Cultural and Social Narratives Laboratory” (CSN Lab) with the support of the Women's Fund Armenia. The opinions expressed in this podcast belong to the authors and may not align with the views of the WFA.

The Name of a Place - Intro

The project is a mosaic, merging the personal stories of displaced women from various cities—Stepanakert, Baku, Kyiv, Beirut—and presents them within a political, social, historical, and cultural context. Through the lens of women's stories currently based in Armenia, “The Name of the Place” sheds light on the female perspective on refugee and displacement experiences. “The name of a Place” podcast has been authored by the members of the CSN Lab’s team— Sona Nersesyan and Mariam Yeghiazaryan.

Stepanakert - Ilga Sargsyan

Within “The Name of a Place: Stepanakert” episode, Ilga Sargsyan, who was forcibly displaced from Stepanakert, shares the story of her life amid war, conflict, a 9-month siege, ethnic cleansing, and the forced displacement of Armenians from Nagorno-Karabakh.She delves into questions and provides insights on social challenges, disrupted daily routines, and shattered lives within the backdrop of the war and post-war crisis.

Kyiv - Lilya Grigoryan

The story of Lilya Grigoryan, who moved from Kyiv to Yerevan as a result of the full-scale war by Russia against Ukraine, is an exclusive documentation representing the experience of Ukrainians currently based in Armenia. Within “The Name of a Place” podcast she shares her insights into the early months of the war in Ukraine, the challenges of establishing a new life in Armenia, and the dual attitudes toward Russian and Ukrainian refugees within Armenian society.

Baku - Rima Abrahamyan

“The Name of a Place: Baku” episode broadens the geographical and chronological scope of the project, exploring migration flows in Armenia. It features the story of Rima Abrahamyan, forcibly displaced from Baku due to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the first Karabakh war. Ms. Rima retrospectively analyzes her journey which reflects the challenging and traumatic years of the 90s as well as the following decades.

Beirut - Patil Chivian

In “The Name of a Place: Beirut '' episode Patil Chivian, shares her story on how she moved to Armenia in the aftermath of the Beirut port explosion in August 2020. Shortly after she found herself immersed in a new crisis brought about by the 44-day war. Her personal experience represents how civil wars, and persistent political and social issues “normalised the crisis” and made “normal life” impossible in Lebanon.