Re-lentus` 23 - Tbilisi

Lately, the first phase of the annual Re-Lentus event, dedicated to facilitating cultural dialogue between Armenia and Georgia, took place in Tbilisi, Georgia. The chosen theme for this year's event centers around the women's experience of urbanism and architecture. 

Architect-urbanist Heghine Pilosyan, co-founder of website dedicated to architecture and urbanism, journalist Anahit Minasyan and visual artist Armine Shahbazyan were invited to present the Armenian situation and share their personal experiences at the event. Each of them reflected on the transformative changes that have unfolded in the urban landscape in recent years in Armenia. Drawing from their respective areas of expertise and personal experiences, they analyzed the effects and consequences of these changes within their thematic focus. The presentations specifically delved into the interplay between architecture, urbanism, and media, the essence of affordable housing and sustainable transitions, and the intersections of architecture and visual arts. 

The presentations were followed by a panel discussion, during which the attendees had the opportunity to ask questions, express their viewpoints, and engage in a dialogue with the speakers. The audience exhibited a keen interest in understanding the impact of the speakers' female identity on their work experiences. They raised inquiries about the shared and distinct aspects of architectural and urban development in Yerevan and Tbilisi. The preservation of Soviet heritage in Yerevan and the contrasting challenges faced by both cities were also among the general issues that were addressed during the meeting. 

The next phase of Re-Lentus is set to occur in July, in Yerevan. During this event, Georgian women architects and urbanists will be invited to share their personal and professional experiences.

Re-Lentus is an annual cultural and interdisciplinary project created through the collaboration of CSN Lab in Armenia and CuMa Lab in Georgia. In both countries, the project features a range of events and discussions where Armenian and Georgian female artists, cultural practitioners, representatives of civil society and media, as well as researchers, come together. These women introduce the public to their diverse activities and delve into key themes, issues, and obstacles they encounter.

The primary objective of this initiative is to raise awareness and recognition for female artists, cultural practitioners, and researchers. Additionally, the project strives to foster and strengthen the dialogue between Armenia and Georgia. Through this initiative, the societies of both countries have a unique chance to discover female artists from the neighboring country and gain insights into their activities, concerns, and obstacles they face.

Re-Lentus is supported by the Danish Cultural Institute through the New Democracy Fund (NDF) program.

Photographer: Giorgi Kolbaia