From May 24 to 26 Cultural and Social Narratives Laboratory had an amazing opportunity to participate in the UNLOCK' 23, in Prague. UNLOCK is a civic summit showcasing the latest trends at the nexus of activism, media and technology in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. UNLOCK2023 was full of engaging discussions, inspiring encounters, and meaningful collaborations with artists, activists, and CSO representatives from Eastern European countries (including from the Eastern Partnership).

In a framework of the UNLOCK' 23, CSN Lab presented the project "School of Complex Past" on decolonization. The laboratory team also participated in a thought-provoking panel discussion with experts from different countries. They explored actions toward decolonization on a personal and societal level. In addition, the CSN Lab team was pleased to share its experience in the podcast recorded by colleagues, where they focused on the transformations of the urban spaces, their Soviet heritage, and current (neo)colonial transformations.