Wars, armed conflicts, clashes between states and societies do not cease to exist. Men start wars, fight them, write about them and star in these writings. Women’s perceptions and views on war and conflict are often invisible to the general public. The official discourse depicts women as “victims” and “war-affected population”. Women, however, rethink their social roles and identities due to war, becoming the driving force of life running parallel to- and after the war. 

To fill in this gap of studying and voicing the issue, the Cultural and Social Narratives Laboratory has commenced “Zineadadar” project with the support of the Canadian Fund of Local Initiatives. The aim of the project is to make women’s voices heard, to problematize their experience during war and post-war periods, to bring to light women’s stories, shadowed by dominant historical and official narratives, and underline their role in restoring and “healing” life and essential societal structures, undermined by conflict. 

ZINE         podcast