“Zineadadar” is a series of illustrative zines and podcasts, through which CSN Lab creates a platform for women of diverse perspectives and identities to present their story of the war. The zines comprise in-depth interviews and oral stories, which encompass women’s very personal and emotional experiences. These women come from various parts of the world, and this inclusivity draws a general picture of war and human experience of it, bringing out the interconnectedness of conflicts and their consequences.

Thematic expert opinions come to complete oral stories in each zine, by addressing the existing problems and raised issues, from an interdisciplinary angle.

Each zine of the “Zineadadar project is accompanied by illustrative posters, created by visual artists specifically for this initiative, with the aim to express emotional perception and depiction of the matter at hand.

ZINEadadar p.s. - CSN Lab, Yerevan, 2023

P.S.," the final edition of the "ZINEadadar" project, provides an analysis on the importance of safeguarding cultural rights within the context of wars and conflicts.

ZINEadadar #3, Restless suitcase. CSN Lab, Yerevan, 2023

The “Restless Suitcase” has arrived on the bookshelves. It delves profoundly into the theme of displacement within the context of wars and armed conflicts, exploring the intricate and sensitive dimensions of our connection to a place and the rupture of profoundly cherished memories associated with it. This zine uncovers deeply personal stories of women who have braved the traumatic journey of displacement. Its geographic scope spans Armenia, Artsakh, Ukraine, Abkhazia, Belarus.

Anna Hakopian - Restless suitcase


ZINEadadar #2, Diaries. CSN Lab, Yerevan, 2023

The second, “Diaries” zine of the “Zineadadar” project touches upon women’s experience of overcoming, surviving and documenting war through journaling. The zine will tell you about women’s deeply personal, emotive and mindful writing, which, alas, rests in the shadow of the monumental narrative and historical discourse.

Armine Shahbazyan - Diaries


ZINEadadar #1, Zhengyalov hats. CSN Lab, Yerevan, 2023

The first zine of the “Zineadadar'' project, called “Bread with Zhengyal”, is dedicated to the women, who gathered around the saj and made bread with zhengyal during the Armenian-Azerbaijani 44-day war. Lida Mkrtchyan and Elsa Stepanyan, who were displaced from Nagorno-Karabakh during the war, talk about this initiative and its significance. They touch upon the change of their social roles in the post-war period- from teaching to making bread with zhengyal- which apart from covering daily needs,

Har Toum - Zhengyalov hats.